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Backpario – Founding History 

It all began in 2016

Philipp traveled through New Zealand for 9 months. Together with a friend, he explored New Zealand with a van. As is usual for backpackers, they bought their car in Auckland at the beginning of their journey. They were looking for their new home on different platforms, but it turned out to be harder than they thought. But after a few days the van-life adventure started.


After sleeping in their van for 4 weeks, eating rice or noodles every day and enjoying a hot shower every few days, it was time to find a job. Usually backpackers work in New Zealand on kiwi farms, wineries, or other farms. To find a job they normally use different platforms. However, these platforms are sometimes very confusing.


After working as a backpacker on a farm for 7 weeks, they went on. But they didn’t get far, because their van with more than 300.000 km was broken and was a case for the scrap yard. Then Jakub and Philipp tried to hitchhike. Also here they tried different platforms, but without success.  After a short time they decided to buy a new van, which they then painted themselves.

Founders of Backpario met in Thailand

All these experiences Philipp had as a backpacker in New Zealand he told Pascal in Thailand. Philipp talked about inefficient communication on different social networks due to lack of filter systems. One evening, the two founders of Backpario came up with the idea of developing a platform that would allow backpackers to communicate with each other and find everything they needed. Their mission was to build a social network where backpackers can find vans, jobs, rideshares, tips and much more.

Their goal was to provide an effective way of communication. To achieve this goal, they asked themselves, “Who cares that someone 400 km away offers a car, a job or a ride? Namely exactly these things are displayed on the different platforms and so you don’t find what you want to find. Philipp’s and Pascal’s answer was nobody.  That’s why they provide since April 2019 backpackers in New Zealand with Backpario. In Backpario all content is location based, so every backpacker can see what’s going on next to them.The user can also decide, for example, that only jobs, carpooling opportunities or tips are displayed. This means that the user only sees what he wants to see. If you want to know more about Backpario or about the two founders Pascal and Philipp, then send us a message.