Our Story

Philipp travelled with a friend in 2016 for 9 months through New Zealand. After arriving, they wanted to buy a van in Auckland, but it was harder than they thought. The problem wasn’t the money, but there were so many different platforms, groups on Facebook and whatnot. They were confused.

After some time, they understood where to look and could finally start into their van life adventure. They met new people, enjoyed time in nature and made the most of their time. It was great fun and they enjoyed their freedom for about 4 weeks. They even enjoyed eating rice or noodles every day and showering only occasionally.

Now it was time for a job. Philipp and his friend wanted to earn some money. Where should they look for a job? They were confused and overwhelmed again. Philipp was wondering why everything online is so complicated when it could be a lot easier? Why didn’t anyone invent something better? 

Eventually, they found a job on a farm and worked there for 7 weeks. With some money in their bank account, they wanted to continue exploring beautiful New Zealand. They didn’t get far. Instead of driving through the mountains with their van, it sadly ended up at the scrap yard. Shit. 

Philipp and his friend had the idea of hitchhiking instead. They even tried to use platforms to get a ride, but it didn’t work out. Instead of spending money on their travels, they had to use it to buy a new van. Happy and relieved to be on the road again, they decided to draw waves and animals on their van. People loved it and soon recognized them everywhere. Even now the beautiful van is still driving through New Zealand and living the dream. 

Philipp went from New Zealand to Thailand, where he met Pascal one of his friends. One evening they went in a pub and talked a lot about the past. Beer was involved and Philipp started talking about how difficult it was to navigate through the different platforms. There were just too many groups and websites. Why? One night, Pascal and Philipp came up with the idea to make everything easier. To combine all these overcomplicated online spaces into one. Clear and easy. Backpario was born!

Well, it first it was only an idea, but in April 2019 the app Backpario finally came to life. They created a platform that combines all the things that backpackers need. It simplifies the life of a backpacker. You can find jobs, vans, cars, rideshares, tips – basically, everything you need. You can also talk to other backpackers on our platform, which comes in handy as well.

After all these years, nobody created a platform like that, so they thought they had to do it themselves. It’s 2019, everything can be better organized online. Well, it is now. 

One of the best things about the app is that the content is location-based. I’m not interested in a car being sold 700 km away from me, are you? No more scrolling through endless posts that aren’t relevant. This gives backpackers a lot more time to do what they are here for, to travel. 

We hope you love the simplicity and usability of the app as much as we do. If you have any questions, just hit us up. You can find us in the app.