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Travel New Zealand with Backpario

Discover tips and hints from other backpackers, find travel buddies with the same interests, or sell your van before you end up having to leave it at the airport in Auckland

In comparison to other confusing and chaotic social media groups Backpario filters posts by your location and relevant categories.

That’s how you find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Swap travel tips with other backpackers and discover real exclusive hints and tips away from mainstream tourism!

Backpario gives you the orientation you need in New Zealand. 

The Backpario community connects! Get in contact with your travel buddies for your next road trip, or arrange a meet up spontaneously for a beer! 

Here at Backpario we travelled a lot too so we know what really matters, and what you often miss and need when traveling.

With Backpario we’re bringing the app to the market that we always wanted while traveling.

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